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Centurion follows the Passion week story through the eyes of Longinus, a battle hardened and seasoned Roman soldier stationed in Jerusalem the week Jesus arrives. Facing pressure from Pilate to suppress the influence of Jesus but being torn by the faith of his new servant Rachel, Longinus faces his biggest battle to date; He must choose between the hope of redemption or his duty to Rome. Centurion is a story about forgiveness and salvation told through an original storyline and immersive sound design. This new take on the classic Passion play offers a fresh perspective of the Easter story.

Originally a staged play toured in 2015 & 2018, Centurion has also been adapted into a radio which was exclusively broadcast on Premier Christian Radio in 2020 as part of their Easter programming.  

Our last tour of Centurion was in 2022.

Touring Easter 2025

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