The Artless approach to performance-making is a response to the

common-held perception of theatre being dull, pretentious and uninspiring.

The name Artless is a statement of intent to create performance-experiences

that are accessible and exciting whilst presenting a sincere expression of Christianity.

Directors Christopher Poch and Jonathan Maltz have been creating theatre together since secondary school drama lessons. After school Jon went on to read Drama & Theatre Studies, leaving with a Masters degree and the University of Kent Technical Excellence Award, while post-university Chris began in ministry work with Scripture Union. 

Artless started out making short performances to complement the outreach work of 

regeneration church,  Greater London, but the dream was much bigger.

The goal was to one day set up as a professional theatre company to defy the negative stereotypes of Christian Theatre, to communicate the good news without being cliched, safe, tame or predictable - to tell powerful and prophetic stories just like Jesus did.

Directors Jon Maltz & Christopher Poch


Artless Theatre Company was officially set up as a charity in 2017.

Since then, highlights have including writing and performing a sketch for Scripture Union’s 150th anniversary celebration in front of HM Queen Elizabeth II, and featuring on BBCs Songs of Praise.


Artless has written and toured 4 productions, including an adaptation of Peter Fiennes book To War With God.

Their work has also included a piece of interactive children's theatre commissioned by Havering council called The Narnia Experience which reached over 3000 people in December 2019.


The Artless brand of performance is highly visual and

visceral with a strong emphasis on original

and challenging storytelling.

The work incorporates a high degree of multimedia

to both reflect our increasingly digital lives and to

foster an all-encompassing live experience.


Artless is an attempt to push the envelope of Christian theatre, creating performances that you would want to bring your non-Christian friends to.