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Will you answer our call for 21 for 21?

We believe that people need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and theatre and performance are amazing tools that help us to reach those
who may never walk into a church building.


For 2021 we at Artless Theatre Company are committed, more than ever,
to continue this journey and we want you to come along with us.  

Your support has never been more important.

Will you sign up to give £21 a month in 2021?

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2021 and beyond!

This year we'll launch our biggest show to date, 'If Prison Walls Could Speak', in partnership with Release International reaching 100 churches across the UK.


'Centurion', our Easter production, will be released as a radio play broadcast on Premier Christian Radio.


We'll also be ending the year with a Christmas production.

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Why sign up?

Enable bigger &

better shows

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Help us reach more


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supporter pack

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Bigger shows and better shows

We’re always in need of new equipment from big theatre lights to fake blood. We want to make our shows as visually engaging and exciting as we possibly can.

Larger reach 

Reducing our monthly shortfall means we'll be able to keep our fees down as low as possible, making our evangelistic productions even more accessible to churches of all sizes.


Supporter’s pack

You’ll receive a personalised supporters pack, plus get exclusive access to our behind the scenes work.

How your money helps

Our salaries are supplemented by tour income, so we actually run at a monthly loss. If we can’t perform, we can’t supplement this…

this made 2020 an especially challenging year for Artless. 


Your pledge will help us fill this gap meaning that all money raised
through touring goes directly into making better productions
whilst also allowing us to reach even more people with
the good news of Jesus Christ.

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